Specialist Facials

Specialist Facials

Facial Corrective Treatments

Our expert skin facial therapist offers a few but intense treatments to clients with skin problems.

We aim to help all skin types, from younger problems to dryer mature, with specialist facials that treat the condition giving a long term correction. Supportive ongoing advice and a home treatment plan is also given.

Our facials will include extraction of blackheads and milia where needed. We use a variety of treatment methods usually starting with a deep cleanse and skin analysis. We can then continue with the most appropriate facial corrective method and select products and equipment which will give long term solutions.

Our specialist facial treatments are selected from these proven and effective procedures:


Deep cleansingViennese High Frequency massage
Skin brushingVacuum suction
Ozone SteamingComedone (blackhead treatment)
MicrodermabrasionMilia extraction
High FrequencyVarious corrective masks
IontophoresisFacial massage
Galvanic desincrustationAmpule induction
Microcurrent treatmentShortwave diathermy

What's right for you?

Our specialist correcting facials are succesfully performed on both men and women and designed for your unique skin requirements. Everyone is different and we ensure your treatment will be too. We design every part of your facial to help solve any problems and improve the overall appearance and feel of your skin.

Whatever your requirements you will be able to discuss your concerns with the Therapist who will take you through all aspects of your individual treatment.

Why not try one of these fabulous treatments?

Collagen Infusion Facial - with live collagen ampule assisted into the skin with oils or electro-phoresis - best for dry or mature skin

Blocked Pores and Blackheads - specialist treatment to exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin - steam and comedone extraction will clear the problem areas and masks or direct HF will close the pores

Milia Problem Skin - those annoying white granules which are normally impossible to remove are easily treated and lifted out without causing skin or vein damage. The skin is exfoiliated with dermabrasion followed by calming and soothing processes to leave a revitalised clear skin surface.

Problem Pores and Deep Cleansing - specialist brushing and deep cleansing galvanic currents will open the pores and saponify the tissue - extraction will be included if required and corrective formulations will leave the skin feeling clean and smooth

Sagging Tissue and Fine Lines - treatment for these usually requires a short course of five treatments using Microcurrents (non surgical lifting) or Radiofrequency. These leave the skin feeling taut and fine lines are reduced. Excellent for treating necks and face lines. A course of five treatments is £375

Eye Treatment Facial - keeps the eye area refreshed and helps puffiness and fine wrinkles with lymphatic draining, Microcurrent and collagen eyepad infusions

All our one hour specialist facials will be tailored to your skin needs and our diagnostic and corrective methods will leave your skin improved and feeling smooth, clean and bright.

Treatment Costs: Starting from £69 for a 1 hour treatment

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